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Service Description

Shadow offers our clients diverse expertise from our highly qualified Special Investigations Unit.

Often, cases are referred to Shadow with very little information to start. These cases are immediately sent to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). Shadow’s highly skilled team of SIU investigators carefully comb through dozens of databases, websites, and searches to generate leads and build a general profile of the individual, business, or subject. The team of SIU investigators at Shadow is comprised of personnel with a variety of work experience ranging from former field investigators, to former police lieutenants and state troopers. They are highly trained to navigating the sometimes difficult and extensive databases Shadow utilizes. Once data is collected, they are able to provide this information in a concise, easy to understand format.

The SIU Team is also responsible for more routine and stand-alone assignments, such as social media review and captures, as well as Order of Priority Investigations for Assigned Claims. A full listing of Shadow’s most commonly requested assignments can be found below.

Our staff includes Board Certified Social Media Intelligence Experts (CSMIE).

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