Surveillance and investigative solutions for businesses and insurance industry professionals.

Insurance Solutions

Shadow Investigations has been fighting fraud in the insurance sphere for over 25 years. The highly trained staff at Shadow uses industry-leading best practices to obtain the information and evidence needed to not only strengthen your case, but also to see the case through to a more favorable outcome.

Corporation Solutions

Regardless of size, corporations businesses are exposed to multiple risks each and every day. These can be either internal, external, or in some cases, a combination therein. Shadow provides a variety of services to help minimize risk to your business. Our trained staff is discreet and handle every case with the utmost care, professionalism, and most of all, confidentiality.

Government Solutions

In the world of risk management, government is certainly not exempt from risk. In fact, government is often the principal target for most schemes and exploits. Shadow has been a trusted and valuable resource to a host of government entities spanning from small municipalities to federal government agencies. Let Shadow’s years of experience, discretion, and confidentiality aid your department, your agency, or your organization’s sensitive investigative needs.

Insurance Solutions

The FBI estimates that the total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) is more than $40 billion per year. This is costing the average U.S. family an additional $400 - $700 annually in increased premiums. Shadow, together with its client-partners including TPA’s, law offices, insurance carriers, and other insurance affiliates, has been aggressively fighting fraud for over 25 years. Highly trained staff, paired with the latest technology, ensures Shadow’s clients get the best service and solutions to meet their needs.

Whether a case is in the beginning stages, or years in the making, Shadow can help determine if there is ongoing fraud by providing objective evidence. The use of surveillance, manned and unmanned, is a proven strategy that can not only identify fraud, but in some cases even prevent it. Shadow’s team of field investigators are encouraged to think outside the box, while always being mindful and careful to comply with all state and local laws.

The investigators on Shadow’s SIU team focus their efforts on “desktop investigations,” doing database
sweeps, social media canvasses, background checks, locates, and similar types of searches. Each and every
case received by Shadow is reviewed by the SIU team prior to starting, so a comprehensive plan of action can be made before assigning the case to the appropriate field staff.

Shadow is committed to customer satisfaction and operates with the understanding that “we are only as good as our last case.” In other words, a bad experience on the most recent case can negate all the success on dozens or hundreds of cases prior. This way of thinking means each case is handled with care and that there is never a “one size fits all” course of action. Individualized strategies create effective time usage, efficient utilization of budget and better results.

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Corporation Solutions

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a family business, risk can lurk around every corner. It could be as straightforward as vetting a perspective board member or high profile corporate officer, to something as complicated as an internal theft ring or embezzlement scheme. Whatever the case, let Shadow get you the information and evidence you need.

In an ideal world, business risk would be minimal, if not non-existent. Unfortunately, the need for an objective third party to investigate issues does arise more often than we typically think. Shadow’s many years of experience collaborating with corporate clients has led to an arsenal of techniques, tools, and strategies that can be put to work for you. While certainly every circumstance is unique, the team at Shadow is properly trained and well-equipped to handle the most sensitive of situations, including fraud, employee misconduct, or the safeguarding of your brand.

Let Shadow help your business flourish by getting you the information and evidence you need to minimize your exposures, risks, and protect your bottom line.


Government Solutions

Shadow Investigations has been a trusted partner with a number of public entities for over 20 years. The trained professionals at Shadow know that government cases are often not as cut and dry as other cases. Moreover, cases involving government entities often contain a political element, thereby requiring an additional level of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. Shadow is no stranger to such complex situations and is well equipped to handle even the most challenging assignments.

Shadow brings a wealth of assets and techniques to every assignment. Whether it’s a social media screening of a pending new hire or a complex litigation suit involving a Department of Public Works vehicle, Shadow’s resources and expertise are at the ready. By utilizing tools and techniques developed over 25+ years, Shadow can help limit exposure and mitigate unwanted long, drawn out legal battles by providing objective, third-party evidence for your case.

There is often a lot on the line when government entities are involved, so let Shadow’s team work with you to develop a best plan of action to get you the results you need.


Clients We Have Worked With

We would like to express our appreciation of the quality of services Shadow Investigation renders. We highly appreciate the responsiveness, flexibility, and dedication in the way they conduct business.


We have been using Shadow Investigations as our vendor for close to 22 years. During this time they have shown excellent service and results in a timely and professional manner.


John and his team have gone above and beyond with any claim I send over. They are professional, prompt and thorough. I would recommend them to anyone at my company and in the industry as well.


They are professional, highly adaptable and excellently qualified in the investigative industry. They are my go-to investigation company for all my investigative needs.


From the time that I started using the investigation Shadow Investigations provides, I was impressed with their immediate response, and their detailed, thorough and professional interaction with me. I feel confident in recommending Shadow’s Services.


I have used Shadow Investigations in my claims handling at multiple carriers and companies in the last 8 years. Their expertise in the field of investigations shows clearly in the results.


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